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Duologue  2023

Your words, your way, your collaborator.

Duologue is a long-standing program that supports collaborative relationships between playwrights and dramaturgs. The relationship is self-determined, and focus can be on a single play or multiple works at any stage of development. Up to six duos will be chosen by a panel of three theatre industry experts.

Details to know and consider before applying:

  • APT provides support for face-to-face (or remote) working time- you do not need to be in the same state to participate/collaborate
  • Both playwright and collaborator are paid for three hours, each month for 6 months, from April through to September 2023, please consider your availability over this period
  • Duologue is open to national applicants

APT welcomes submissions from a variety of playwrights that represent the make-up of contemporary Australia.

To touch base with a human about this Program, please contact

Submissions Open: Wednesday 8 March 2023

Submissions Close: 11:59pm AEST, Monday 3 April 2023

Playwrights may only submit one EOI per round.

All decisions are final and feedback cannot be provided.

Erin Thomas Playwright Fund- Commemorating 10 years

The Erin Thomas Playwright Fund commemorates playwright Erin Thomas’ optimism, her creative talent and furthers her generous contribution to the arts, by helping emerging regional writers to pursue their dreams. 

With the support of the Thomas family, the Fund can support regional playwrights: 

  • to pursue a deep creative connection over a period of time with a mentor dramaturg as the playwright develops a new play
  • via a travel bursary to connect with the wider Australian theatre industry
  • Participants will take part in three playwrighting Masterclasses with an industry expert focus on craft skills

Details to know and consider before applying:


APT will work with you to select, contact, contract and remunerate an appropriate mentor. If you and your mentor live in the same area, you may elect to work face-to-face, health orders permitting. If you do not, you will undertake your work together over phone, email and video-calling. You may also apply with or without a confirmed mentor.  

Support for dramaturgical mentorship provides a fee of $1000 for the playwright and a fee of $1000 for the mentor. The playwright/mentor fee is to cover 8 hours of contact time between the playwright and their collaborator/mentor, and any preparation time. 

Travel Bursary

The maximum support per playwright seeking a travel bursary is $1000. 

Funded travel costs can include airfares, accommodation, per diems or other relevant expenses. The mentoring will cover fees for both the playwright and the mentor dramaturg or development director. Playwrights may apply to attend events and opportunities, rehearsal room internships with a professional company or presenting organisation


In 2023 the program will include three 2-hour masterclasses with an industry leader in playwrighting. The classes for the three participants will be conducted online. Participants will expand their skills in playwrighting in core areas of craft which they can take into their personal practice and current projects. Classes may include some “homework” that propels you into your next draft and next class.

Successful playwrights will be selected by a committee including Australian Plays Transform’s key staff, representatives from the Thomas family and appointed external playwright peers.  

The Erin Thomas Playwright Fund has been made possible through the generosity of the Thomas family, some of Erin’s closest friends and Andrew Bovell who believe in supporting regional and remote playwrights connecting nationwide. 

“We are proud the Erin Thomas Playwriting Fund has continued to evolve and support emerging regional writers over the past 9 years and reflect the creativity and generosity of our beautiful Erin.” The Thomas Family 

To touch base with a human about this Program, please contact 



To be eligible for this initiative, Playwrights need to;

- reside in a regional, remote, or rural area of Australia

- be at an early stage of their career

- have had no more than two professional productions of their writing 


Submissions Open: 9 am AEST, Friday, 10 March 2023

Submissions Close: 11:59pm AEST, Monday, 3 April 2023


Playwrights may only submit one EOI per round.

All decisions are final and feedback cannot be provided.

Australian Plays Transform