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Write Together, Rise Together aims to establish and embed a national playwrighting group model within the Australian theatre ecosystem. This online program will connect playwrights nationwide, forming a supportive peer community that actively engages in honing their skills and fostering robust dialogue. With industry leaders at the helm, this groups will meet fortnightly for six months to work on a new play.

 OPEN TO: Playwrights nationally.  

 The three groups in 2024 will be:

  • Mid-Career Playwrights 
  • Playwrights living with disability 
  • Emerging Playwrights 

 Playwrights are encouraged to apply for the group or groups they feel most comfortable in. We will provide more information on the groups soon and hold an information session to answer questions. Please stay tuned.

 If you are unsure of which group you wish to nominate for, please contact us and we can organise a chat.


Things to know and consider about the program:

  • This is a pilot program, so it is being shaped with and for you as the first cohort. 
  • The intention is to create a safe and robust peer group environment in which you, with the guidance of your Group Leader progress a play you are working on for a 6 month period. 
  • Consider your availability over the period of the program. You will be paid for the group sessions every two weeks. We do not however have the capacity to pay you outside of these hours. So, we ask you to consider whether you will have time to work on your play outside of these hours. 
  • This is not a “learn to write” program. This is a group of peers who have an existing playwrighting practice.  

Group Leaders and Group Session Times

  • Emerging Playwrights and Playwrights living with disability: Anthea WIlliams (Monday evenings 7pm - 9pm)  
  • Mid-Career Playwrights Leader: Wesley Enoch (Tuesday evenings 7pm – 9pm) 

Things to bring to the program:

  • A burning idea or play that you want to work on. This could be; the play idea that won’t leave you alone, the play that you need peers to motivate you to push it further, the play that is pushing you in a different direction (form or content) and you want test it in a safe space.  
  • A sense of collaboration, openness and willingness to share your work.  
  • A sense of collaboration, openness and willingness to support the work of others. 
  • Respect for different ways of working and willingness to share your process with others.  

What group should I nominate for?

  • Good question. We know it is a tricky thing sometimes to fit into the different categories that we use in the arts. Here are some guidelines, if you still have questions after reading them please reach out to us to discuss. We acknowledge that identities are intersectional and shift in different contexts.  
  • You could identify as an “Emerging playwright with disability” and be asking which group should I nominate for? The answer is: this is up to you. We would like you to nominate whichever group you feel most suits your practice at this time and makes you feel most comfortable. You can nominate for both “Emerging” and “Playwrights with disability” and we can contact you to discuss this as the groups are formed.  
  • Definition of Mid-Career: You have had a least two plays produced and performed  

There will be a Zoom Q&A session on the evening of Thursday 11th April. To RSVP please use the following form:


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