Australian Plays Transform (APT) is Australia’s national play development, publication and licensing organisation. It hosts the world’s largest online showcase and searchable database of the best Australian playwriting.

APT seeks new voices for new times, develops plays that change the national story, links them to production, publishes them, promotes them, and licenses them for future productions here and around the world.

It is an engine of purposeful cultural change and inspiration, centring the voice of the playwright. | Membership | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube



The prestigious Griffin Award recognises an outstanding idea for a play or performance text that displays an authentic, inventive, and contemporary Australian voice. In 2024, thanks to the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund, the winner will receive a full commission ($17,400) and dramaturgical support from Griffin to develop their play in-house.

From first-timers to long-timers, the Griffin Award is for every playwright in Australia. 



Australian Plays Transform